M&A Lehrgang

In this course, experienced M&A practitioners teach the legal and economic basics for the successful execution of M&A transactions. A course for young professionals and advanced practitioners from all areas of M&A practice (private equity funds, companies, banks, corporate finance advisors, etc.).

In 10 sessions, experts from a wide range of specialist areas offer valuable insights into all key aspects of M&A transactions - from contract design and tax structure, due diligence and company valuation to management participation and acquisition financing. Participants will gain a well-rounded picture of current transaction practice through an interdisciplinary exchange.

The next the M&A course will take place from 19 September to 12 December 2024 as hybrid event at Frankfurt POELLATH office and online via Webex.


Dr. Georg Greitemann Partner | POELLATH
Dr. Peter Bujotzek Partner | POELLATH

M&A Lehrgang 2024

from 19 September to 12 December 2024 | every thursday from 17:00 to 20:00

The M&A Lehrgang 2024 will take place from 19 September to 12 December as hybrid event, every thursday from 17:00 to 20:00. You will receive a certificate of attendance according to §15 FAO for the modules you have attended.

+49 (89) 24240-131

Agenda (all lessons in German only)

Session 1: The M&A process and preliminary agreements
19.09.2024 17:00-20:00

The first unit presents the typical procedural and temporal flow of M&A transactions, from the initial contact between the seller and its advisors to the closing of the transaction.

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Session 2: Tax planning from the seller’s and buyer’s perspective
26.09.2024 17:00-20:00

This chapter looks at the acquisition of a company from a tax perspective. Since the tax effects are directly relevant to the purchase price, tax planning is of vital importance from both the seller’s and the buyer’s perspective.

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Session 3: Legal and tax due diligence
10.10.2024 17:00-20:00

The third session of the course deals with the preparation and execution of due diligence reviews on the buyer and seller side.

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Session 4: Company purchase agreement
31.10.2024 17:00-20:00

The company purchase agreement is the central element of every M&A transaction. It identifies the object of the purchase, determines the purchase price and and distributes the risks between seller and buyer.

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Session 5: Business valuation and purchase price
07.11.2024 17:00-20:00

This part of the course first explains the basics and the various methods of business valuation and subsequently deals with the derivation of the equity value as the basis for the purchase price.

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Session 6: Acquisition financing | Antitrust law and investment control
14.11.2024 17:00-20:00

Financing the purchase price through equity and debt capital is another key element of corporate acquisitions. Subsequently, the antitrust and investment control requirements for M&A transactions are illustrated.

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Session 7: Minority and majority shareholdings
21.11.2024 17:00-20:00

This session explains the special features of the acquisition of majority and minority shareholdings. The central element here is the shareholders’ agreement between the acquirer and its future co-partners.

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Session 8: Private Equity
28.11.2024 17:00-20:00

The strategies and legal implementation of the takeover of a listed company are presented in the tenth part of the course.

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Session 9: Management participations
05.12.2024 17:00-20:00

Today, management participation in the economic success of a company is one of the usual tools for increasing the company’s value.

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Session 10: Distressed M&A
12.12.2024 17:00-20:00

This chapter deals with the specifics of the acquisition of companies in crisis and insolvency.

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